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City of Mason Historical District Commission

2014-18 HDC Packet & Minutes

09.17.18    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
08.20.18    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
07.16.18    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
06.18.18    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
02.27.17    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
01.09.17    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
08.24.16    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
03.28.16    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
02.22.16    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
16    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
08.24.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
07.27.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
06.22.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
05.26.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
04.27.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
02.23.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
01.26.15    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
11.24.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
10.27.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
09.22.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
08.25.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
07.28.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
06.23.14    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
05.27.14    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
04.28.14    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
03.24.14    Agenda-Packet    No Mtg.
02.24.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes
01.27.14    Agenda-Packet    Minutes

Ordinance Adoption and Purpose
In 1982, the City of Mason established the Historic District Commission (HDC) through a city ordinance, recorded as Chapter 31 of the City Code of Ordinances. Its purpose and function is to safeguard the historical heritage of the City of Mason in designated areas. A historic district was created that encompasses the downtown section of the city (see map below for details). The charge given the HDC is consistent with the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and later amendments to foster civic beauty and pride, promote the use of historic districts for the education, pleasure, and welfare of Mason's citizenry, and to improve and stabilize property values in historic districts. The Mason Historic District Commission is charged with reviewing plans for construction, alteration, moving, exterior changes, signage, or the demolition of all buildings in the historic district.

Historic District and Commission/Meetings

The HDC is composed of seven members, appointed by the City Council, with various backgrounds and expertise who all share an interest in historic preservation. It normally meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the City Hall Council Chamber. There are occasionally times when holidays or special "on call" meetings deviate from the established meeting dates so it is advised to call the Director of Planning/Zoning to confirm specific times. All meetings are open to the public and individuals are encouraged to attend and participate in the activities of the Commission.  Applications for Historic District Commission (HDC) approval/Certificate of Appropriateness are due to the Zoning and Development Director at City Hall one week in advance of a regularly scheduled meeting.  The meeting schedule for the HDC can be found by clicking here

Historic District Review Standards
The Mason Main Street Façade Study is the manual by which each building within the Mason Historic District is evaluated.  The Study provides architectural guidance to building owners and the Historic District Commission.  The recommendations provided in the Study were based on the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Mason Main Street Facade Study     Historic District Map

Historic Property Pics coming soon